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Just what the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was missing…


I believe somewhere in our job descriptions as ministers it says we must use at least one sermon illustration from The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Soul Surfer.  I am have succeeded in this area with LOTR and Narnia, I haven’t seen Soul Surfer yet, I don’t believe I have ever done one for Fireproof so I better get crackin’ and as for Facing the Giants I am just refusing to do one because the movie was super lame.  Back to the issue at hand I was going through the grocery store the other day and what do I see….yes a glorious 8 pack Pez dispenser kit for the LOTR.  No not some weak LOTR Pez dispenser kit with just Sam and Frodo no way!  You get the privilege… nay the honor of having a fleet of Pez dispensers that represent your favorite LOTR characters.  So I feel it would only be right if we could add some captions to this great product.

Add your caption please!



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