Time for a Readjustment 

    As most of you know my wife recently gave birth to our son and currently I am on paternity leave.  Along with using this time to bond with my son and help my family; I am also using this time for some readjustment in my life.  I know with being married, working fulltime, trying to pursue ordination, and having a 3 year old and newborn at home time will be very precious…as well as sleep 🙂

    One of the areas I am going to be making some adjustments is how I use social media.  For many people this is not a problem but I find it easy to get sucked into disagreements and arguments online.  Over the last 6 months or so I have greatly improved when it comes to not engaging posts that I know won’t be a beneficial use of my time; however, I know at times I still fall into that trap.  There have been many times I have read something political or religious that I adamantly disagree with and I have just continued scrolling but even then there are times that I have continued to dwell on them for far too long.

One of the reasons I think this is is because 3 of my top 5 strengths on the StrengthFinder test are Harmony, Consistency, and Belief.  Which basically means I greatly desire for people to get along and come together peacefully (also I hate conflict), I desire for people to be treated fairly and equally, and there are very strong core beliefs that I have that I hold onto very passionately.  We all know there are plenty of things online that would fuel these fires!  

Because of that I want to continue using this blog to dive deeper into issues that are important for our faith and lives. I will be sharing my blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler and I may share other articles that I find are spiritually helpful but I will be refraining from engaging contentious topics that others have posted.

On Facebook/Twitter other than my blog posts I will be sharing things going on with my family, pictures, funny memes, or other uplifting items.  While I think this will be a positive step for myself I also will need to make some other readjustments.  One of those being what posts from others I am inundated with on a daily basis.  So, while at this point I am not planning on going on a “unfriending” spree, I will be keeping a careful eye on whose posts for me tend to cause more irritation and frustration and then on Facebook (where most of my frustration comes) I will be un-following people.  

Why do I share this?  It is not because I think most people will care at all, because for most people I don’t think it matters to them if I “follow” them or not.  I share this with you because I think it is important at times to pause and reflect on our lives and then make the needed changes.  This is a needed change for me and I hope you may take some time today to reflect on your life as well and make some changes that will enable you to be more healthy.


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