Step by Step

Stone path

When it comes to the Christian faith I think many times we are good are telling people the things they should do that will be beneficial for their lives, but we fail them when it comes to actually showing them how to do it.  We tell people, “you should pray.” But are we willing to take the time to actually show people how to pray?  We tell people, “you should read your Bible.” But are we teaching them how?  We tell people, “go and make disciples.” But do we teach them how to do this?

The short answer is no, I think many times we provide lots of topical studies where people show up, watch a short video, read a couple of verses, answer a few questions, then go home.  How is that teaching people to live in community? How is that teaching people how to make other disciples?  I don’t think it is.  I think we have over time begun to associate head knowledge about Jesus with being a disciple of Jesus.

I truly believe if we ever expect people to make disciples of Jesus, then we must show them how to do this.  This may mean we have less events at the church to fill up our days and more showing people how to reach out to their neighbors. I think it means instead of telling people to pray we give them a framework that is sustainable for their lives so they can teach others. It may mean less topical studies and more training around the essentials of what it means to be a disciple and how to go and make other disciples.

For us to actually make disciples of Jesus who transform the world it means we do less pointing people in the direction to go, and more taking step by step with them so they can not only see the way themselves, but be able to lead others down that path in the future.


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  1. Sharon Moore

    Thanks Dave for this encouragement and instruction. It gives me some idea of what to do with Con. This is a huge time investment but the blessings outweigh it all. I think, maybe, sometimes I wonder! No it does!

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