Don’t Be a Copy


CopyCat Pic

Picture by Franck Boston

There is a popular quote that says “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Yet, when we make our focus trying to be the exact same as someone else the world misses out on something great, you!  You have been uniquely made and when you spend the focus of your time trying to be someone else the world is deprived of what only you can bring.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t learn from others or to grow in our abilities.  Being ourselves is not a license for laziness or complacency, but it is striving to be our most alive self so that we may impact the world in a positive loving way.  So often people’s time is spent wishing they could look like _______, or be talented like ________ and they miss out on today by focusing on what will never be.

Danish Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard says that “masses of mimickers, a crowd of copycats are wasted lives.  God has been merciful to us, demonstrating his grace to the point of being willing to involve himself with every person.  If we prefer to be like all the others, this amounts to high treason against God.”

When we spend all of our time wishing were someone else it is like we are saying to God, “You messed up, you should have made me differently, I am a mistake.”  You will hear many different messages today, but I pray this one sinks in, you are a dearly loved creation of God!  This is your identity!  Don’t try to be a copy, your life matters!



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