Jesus is the Savior of the World not from the World

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Sometimes when Jesus is referred to as our savior that gets reduced to a one way ticket out of this planet when we die.  We find this kind of idea preached in sermons today and in both traditional hymns and contemporary songs sung in our churches.  When Jesus is just our savior from this world then Jesus is just our ticket out of Hell pass and not the redeemer and restorer of God’s creation.  When our focus is just about Jesus being our savior from this world than our faith just becomes about our individual lives and saying the sinners prayer instead of Jesus being the hope of our world.

As Brian Zahnd shares in his book “Farewell to Mars” and in N.T. Wright’s book “Surprised by Hope” we see a much better and hopeful of redemption for us and our world through Jesus Christ.  We see through the scriptures that God’s plan through Jesus is much bigger than an elaborate escape plan, but it is about bringing God’s creation back to its original intent.  Or as Zahnd says, “God is restoring all things through Jesus Christ.”

So when we begin to see Jesus as the savior of the world and not from the world ,then we stop waiting around to die so we can fly away to heaven, and we begin engaging in God’s mission right here and right now!


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