What should it mean to be Pro-Life?

Man Praying

    Want to get into a fiery debate?  All you have to do is bring up the issue of being pro-life and pro-choice.  Harsh words will be said, stones will be thrown, and people will leave angry and unsatisfied. I am pro-life, but there are times that I get discouraged with people’s limited focus on what that means.  Usually when someone asks if you are pro-life they are just referring to if you are for or against abortion; yet, while I am not supportive of abortion, I also think being pro-life is much deeper than just that issue.  While I think it a great tragedy that even as I was writing this article there have been 1,500 abortions just in the United States today but I also think to be pro-life not only means we fight for those who are not born yet, but we also fight for those who have been born as they have been made in the image of God.

    So in a snapshot what does being pro-life mean to me?

  • It means we fight for the lives of the unborn because they cannot fight for themselves.
  • It means as Christians we need to be more active in taking care of the needs of children who have become a part of the Foster Care system or need to be adopted.
  • It means when a mother makes the choice to give birth that we don’t just applaud that choice, but we find ways to help them if needed.
  • It means that we look around and see the many single parents who are doing their best to raise their children, but also understand their children could use other Godly mentors in their lives and we step up to the occasion.
  • It means we fight so that families are able to afford the health care they need to adequately take care of their family.
  • It means we work so that children of any age, race, or socio-economic background are able to get the best education possible.

But being pro-life also goes beyond babies and children…

  • It means doing what we can to make sure that all people are treated with love and respect regardless of their age, race, religion, or gender.
  • It means we do what we can to tear down unjust systems that keep people in poverty.
  • It means we don’t just deal with the symptoms of those who are hurting financially or emotionally and offer a quick fix, but we seek to find solutions to deal with the problem.
  • It means we seek to be a people of peace over a people of retaliation.
  • It means we seek to love others even those we may consider our enemies.
  • It means we seek to come together with those who are different than us as we identify what we have in common more so than tearing one another down because of our differences.
  • It means we seek to love those who are forgotten, who are outcasts, and the downtrodden because that is exactly what Jesus did.

This is by no means an exhaustive list as there are plenty more things we could add to what I have shared; yet, I would encourage us to remember that being pro-life is not just about fighting for the life of a child before they are born, but being pro-life also involves us caring for those who have already been born.


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