During this season of lent one of the things that God has shown me is how easy it is to have a critical spirit and not even notice it.  It is one of those sins that is not on the “big list” and it is easy for us as Christians to brush it under the rug like it is no big deal.  The truth is when we as Christians have a critical spirit it not only affects us, but it also affects our families, work environments, and our churches.

   Recently for my Ministerial Formation 2 class I have been reading a book called, “Spiritual Classics” and one of the sections of the book on Catherine Marshall (1914-1983).  Catherine was a gifted story-teller and journalist during her life.  In this section of the book it goes on to share how Catherine fasted from criticalness and how that affected her relationship with God.

Catherine shared, “My critical nature had not corrected a single one of the multitudinous things I found fault with.  What it had done was to stifle my own creativity- in prayer, in relationships, perhaps even in writing- ideas that He wanted to give me.”

How might a critical spirit you have had recently affected your relationship with God?  How might this spirit have affected relationships with others around you?

When you and I hold onto a spirit of criticalness we block the work of God in our lives.   so today I urge you to let God fill you with love, grace, and mercy and let God do the corrections in others that are necessary. Keep your focus on our Creator!


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