Yesterday I moved farther in the process of ordination in the United Methodist Church.  Yesterday I had my Charge Conference and District Committee on Ministry meeting where I was asked questions about my call, the ministries I have served in, and various theological concepts.  While I was nervous as this was a crucial step for me moving farther in the journey as a certified candidate, I was also confident knowing that God has called me to be a minister and I know God will faithfully see me through this.

As I have been going through this process over the last couple of years a word that my guide, mentor, congregations, church boards, and DCOM have continued to use to describe me is passionate.  I have tried to pin point what I might have said that has sparked this response in people, but all I know is how excited I am about who God is, what God has done in my life, and the restoration and hope that we find through Jesus Christ.

I am thankful for this message of truth, hope, and love that we find through Jesus Christ alone.  My passion comes from God doing a great work inside of me, transforming  my old dead life into a new life through Jesus Christ.  My passion comes from the Holy Spirit working in me to help me become more like God’s son each and every day.  My passion comes from knowing that as Christians we hold the “Good News” for a dying and hurting world and have been given the mission to share that with all of those we come in contact with.

Am I perfect?  NO WAY!  I continually make mistakes and am thankful for God’s grace in times that I act more like myself than Christ.  However, it is this grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that not only fills my heart with joy but spurs me on to reach out to others.  My friends, I do not have all of the answers, I don’t have everything figured out, I am in need of grace just like all of you, but through Christ we have hope!  How could we not be passionate about that?



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  1. John Meunier

    Well done, Dave. Nice post. In peace.

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