Last night I was reading “Pastor: A Memoir” by Eugene Peterson and one of things that struck a chord with me was when he said, “Acts is not a manual with blueprints and a set of instructions on how to be a church.  Acts is not a utopian fantasy on what a perfect church would look like.  Acts is a detailed story of the ways in which the first church became a church.  A story is not a script to be copied.  A story develops a narrative sense in us so that we, alert to the story of Jesus, will be present and obedient and believing as we participate in the ways that the Holy Spirit is forming the Jesus life in us.”

    So as we seek to be the church may we not just copy what we see in the book of Acts.  God is not dead, God is continuing to work in our lives and in our world today.  God desires to do a great work in us, and through us, if we will only seek Him.  When we stop trying to always figure out the perfect strategy to be the Church and first seek God that is when we will become the kind of Church that God desires for us to be. When we read the book of Acts we see the story of the first church, God has a great story for us today as Christians if we humbly lay down our pride, our selfish wants, and pursue Christ.


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