“What is inherent in the gospel is urgency”  Crawford Loritts

One of my favorite quotes from the Elephant Room Round 2 was this quote from Crawford Loritts. One of the popular methods of sharing the faith today is “Friendship Evangelism” but at times I believe we can take this to the extreme.  Of course in our day and age people are very leery of trusting people they don’t know…don’t believe me then stand outside a grocery store and try to hand out something free I guarantee about half of the people will give you this odd glance like you just tried to secretly get them to drink something off of the t.v. show Fear Factor and then walk away.  So please understand I believe relationships can be crucial for others being open to the gospel.   As I said earlier though I believe we can take this to the extreme.  There are times where we have been friends with someone for 5 years and the closest we have gotten to sharing the gospel with them is responding to the question “What did you do on Sunday” with “I went to church.”  Many times we can go through the day talking about sports, clothes, cars, vacations, schools, kids, work, and never share the thing that is supposed to be the most important to us.  Why is this?  I think this happens for multiple reasons and here are just a few…

1.  We are afraid to look like a fanatic.  We are so concerned with fitting in, not looking odd, or standing out that we hide the thing that we should be letting shine throughout our lives in everything we do.  But we need to ask ourselves is this what Jesus called us to?  Did he call us to fit in with everybody else or did he call us to be the salt of the earth?

2.  We use the old quote “Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.” as an excuse to just be an overall nice person and hope this shows people Jesus.  My question is what if Jesus did this?  If He did not proclaim to be the son of God, if He did not claim to be the way, the truth, and the life but instead just acted like a nice guy and helped the poor and outcasts would that have accomplished his purpose in coming to the earth?  What if the disciples after Jesus died decided that they didn’t want to be too pushy so instead they only clothed the orphan, took care of the widow, but didn’t proclaim Jesus Christ as the savior of the world what would have happened?  I think people would have recognized the disciples as a great group of guys but the message of Jesus would have fallen by the wayside.

So what am I saying?  First off please understand I am not saying we go around wearing billboards with signs that say “YOU’RE GOING TO HELL!” in big bold letters and yelling things through a bullhorn at people.  Nor am I saying that we only use words to share the love of Jesus Christ because in the book of James in the Bible in chapter 2 verse 17 it says “Faith without action is dead.”  If we are only proclaim the truth but we don’t live it out our faith is useless.

As Christians we need to understand that we hold the message of hope, of truth, of joy, of life and we are all called to reach out into our world to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Crawford Loritts said, “Don’t be casual about eternal matters.”  I want to encourage you to take this to heart and realize you have been given a great commission and it is urgent!


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