Whose Kingdom?

“We have to decide if we are going to be kingdom builders or empire builders.” Wayne Cordeiro

Wayne Cordeiro said this quote during the first conversation at the Elephant Room Round 2 last week and I feel it is an important question that should stir our soul.  There has been much discussion on how the churches that are really reaching people are new church plants because after a couple of decades the older churches just don’t reach out as much to their community.  So a question we should ask ourselves is what happens?  Why is this the case?  Do we begin to transition from being Kingdom focused (On God’s will and purpose) to Empire focused (building what we want).  Do we move from keeping the great commission at the fore front of our minds  to focusing on keeping those who are already in the building happy?

It was said during the first conversation at the Elephant Room if we are not careful to keep the vision before the congregation we move from a movement, to a monument, to a museum in the life of the church.

As the church may we remember that we are the body of Christ, we are called to be a living organism that spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ not become an institution that is focused on preserving what is ours.

So as we look at the life of the church today and the ministries that we serve in ask the question “Whose kingdom are we building our’s or God’s?”


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