After the Elephant Room…

For the handful of you who read my blog and know I usually post Monday-Thursday might have noticed that I didn’t post last Wednesday or Thursday.  On Wednesday I had the privilege of attending a simulcast of the Elephant Room in Canton, Michigan outside of Detroit.  At the conference they had pastors Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald, Crawford Loritts, Wayne Cordeiro, Steven Furtick, TD Jakes, and Jack Graham.  The discussed numerous topics that impact our churches and communities.  In the next week I will be sharing several things that I feel God spoke to me about during that event but today I wanted to share with you something that happened afterwards.

About 5 p.m. the event ended, I got in my car, and reached the first traffic light on my way back home to Toledo.  When I was coming to a stop my car made a sound similar to gravel being put into a garbage disposal and then my car learched forward.  I put my car in park, got out, and looked underneath and saw nothing.  So I got back in drove the car over to a gas station, called my wife to let her know what was going on.  I then drove over to an empty parking lot across the street to see how the car would drive and if I would be able to make it home….it didn’t take long to see that was not going to happen.  I also quickly realized that if I called the tow truck I had no idea how to describe where I was so I got back in the car and very carefully drove the minute or so back to the church where I knew the address.

After I arrived back at the church I noticed that the drivers side front wheel was beginning to tilt in and then it happened, I heard a clunk and the whole front left side sank down on the wheel.  When the tow truck driver arrived they quickly diagnosed that my ball bearing was broken on the car.  I rode with them in the front of the truck and got towed to a local shop where they began working on my car.  Thankfully my lovely wife was not working and was able to drive an hour to pick me up.

Before my car had broken down I was only a minute or two from getting on I-75 where in Michigan the speed limit is 70 mph.  If that part had completely broken when I was driving 70 mph instead of sitting in the church parking lot I probably would have spun out uncontrollably until I hit something which could have seriously hurt or killed myself or others.  Why do I bring this up?

I think at times it can be easy to pray for those things we see happening around us such as a test coming up, a rough relationship, a sick family member, financial problems, or a personal struggle that we see but what about those things we don’t see?  Those events in our lives that never happen that God protects us from?

When I got back to that church and as I waited the 45 minutes for the tow truck to arrive I prayed for a couple things 1. That the cost of the repairs would not be so much that I would have a heart attack and then have to go to the hospital.  2. I thanked God that He looked out for me and let my car break down when it did.

That might seem kind of strange thanking God for my car breaking down but honestly I think it is those things that God protects from that we never have to experience that we should be just as thankful for.  We can see the blessings that God has given us in our lives and the hurts that are around us but have you taken time to thank God for the ways he has looked out for you when you didn’t even know?



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2 responses to “After the Elephant Room…

  1. Chris McConaughy

    Wow! This is crazy!!
    So…a week ago my tire blew out during the day. Its actually a mystery to how the tire ever blew. (I wasn’t driving at the time it blew). I called the tow truck and had them pick it up. I went ahead and headed home, while they took it to NAPA (I wanted them to make sure the rim or axel wasn’t damaged). So according to the AAA report…the car was dropped off at NAPA at midnight.
    In the middle of the night…sitting in the NAPA parking lot my car spontaneously caught on fire. The police were called at 2am and they came and put it out. The fire investigator said it looked like it was an electrical fire starting around the battery (having nothing to do with the tire). The car was completely totaled. The entire front half of the car was in flames when the fire dept. got to it. Who knows what would have been different that day… At the *very least* I was able to save all of my personal belongings/electronics, because I emptied the car before AAA took it. But those are material things, who knows what else could of happened.
    Whether or not that’s a coincidence, I completely agree with you Dave; we are foolish to not acknowledge daily God’s protection and providence in our life. Because we won’t see it.

    Also! In addition, (the original reason I read this blog), thats you sweet that you got to see Elephant Room Round 2!! I forgot about it and missed it live, and I am not about to pay $50 to order it hah. I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs about it. You should write about your thoughts on the night. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on TD Jakes, and what he had to say.
    Hope everything is going well!!

  2. Hey Chris I heard about your car problems that was pretty crazy! I couldn’t believe your car ended up catching on fire! It stinks you lost your car but at least you got your other valuables out of before it decided to burn down.
    I did get to see the Elephant Room and it was pretty cool. From what I saw of the previous years videos this year was different. They had a student rate of $29 so that is why I was able to go since I am starting seminary. The regular cost was $99 so I actually saved quite a bit. If they have another one check into since you are a student and you would be able to save alot.
    I had heard some frustrations that TD Jakes had been invited to the Elephant Room but I didn’t know what those objections were until a week or so before the event. Honestly, I had not heard of Modalism (what they were saying TD Jakes believed) until then. I wasn’t even sure what it meant until I read that it is basically viewing God as one person who throughout Biblical history has revealed himself in three different modes. Where in the Old Testament he revealed himself as Father, in the New Testament as the son Jesus Christ, and after Jesus’ ascension as the mode of the Holy Spirit.
    So Modalism is the view that there is one God and he revealed himself in 3 modes (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and the Trinitarian view is that God is 3 persons but 1 God. As I listened to the conversations I felt like they kind of hit the surface on that topic with TD Jakes but didn’t dig really into it. I guess I would have liked to see them go into that topic further. I also understand they have a limited amount of time for each topic as well. There has been lots of blog posts about the topic supporting both sides. I definitely fall into the category of Trinitarian where I believe in 3 persons but 1 God…..There are 3 distinct beings but 1 God.

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