What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

When you begin to talk about legacy it can bring up a lot of images of fame, name recognition but we fail to recognize that God desires for us to leave a legacy much greater than that.  Many times legacies can seem “me” focused but as the church may we begin to see that God has a desire for us to leave a legacy that is beyond ourselves and continues to give him praise and glory for years to come.  For this to happen though we need a lot less bench warmers and more people getting into the game.  We need people who are willing to say “I want to do what is best for the kingdom of God even if that is not the way we have always done it or the way I personally like it.”

It is easy for us to choose two options

1.  Dig our heels in and demand things to stay the way they are because that is how we like it.

2.  Leave our church and go to another because things are not being done the way I like instead of helping the environment to change.

I believe that God wants us to seek him with all our heart as we dive into the scriptures, as we fall down on our knees in prayer, and seek his kingdom above all else!  Do we want to leave a legacy where we  love God, love our neighbor and have an impact on our community, nation, and world more than we want things to be done our way or the way it has always been done?


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