A day in the life of…You!

Today I have two questions for you:

1.  If there was a movie based on the ministry you serve in what would be the name of that movie?

2.  Who would you want to play you?



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4 responses to “A day in the life of…You!

  1. 1. Forrest Gump

    2. Wesley Snipes

  2. Lindsey

    2.)Jennifer Aniston

  3. Lindsey

    Ohhhhh I get it now!! It would be called “It’s not all about you and in the big scheme of things, this high school stuff won’t matter, I PROMISE YOU!!! Believe it or not, I was your age once and look, I still survived…” but it would probably just be shortened down to “It’s not all about you!” and Jennifer Aniston would still play me… ;P

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