The Joy of Meetings

Ah yes….meetings the thing none of us can avoid.  Whether you serve in the ministry or work at a secular job we all encounter the joy of having to go to meetings for our occupation.  In the last 2 days I have had 4 meetings that I have had to attend.  Some meetings we attend can be great and accomplish a lot while others can seem to drag on like a never-ending marathon of the TV show “Whitney”.  There are times we are able to collaborate with others who work alongside us and accomplish great things and there are other times that we might feel like we are having a meeting just to have a meeting.

Here are some of my personal thoughts and questions about meetings…

  • Do we even need a meeting?
  • Do we have to sit down for this meeting or can we do it standing up to make it shorter?
  • What will be the structure of our meeting?  What are we trying to accomplish?
  • Am I respecting people’s time with the meeting by keeping it productive and moving to accomplish our goals?

After the meeting ask yourself?

  • Did we accomplish the purpose we set out to with our meeting?
  • How will the churches mission advance because of what was discussed?
  • What was learned from the meeting?

When it comes to meetings what are some of the things you have done to make them the most effective?  What are some of the biggest time wasters?  What are some important principles you try to use when you are leading meetings?  What are ways you get involved in meetings you are not leading?



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4 responses to “The Joy of Meetings

  1. The two biggest time wasters are people unprepared and staying on topic. Attenders should be familiar with the material BEFORE the meeting and not waste the time to look it over during the meeting. They should come with initial comments, questions, and concerns to discuss the topic – not be learning about it at the meeting – by and large. For board meetings I tell each person giving a monthly report that they need to have them in everyone’s hands 4-7 days before the meeting. Then when it’s their time in the meeting they can answer questions or concerns. if no one has any, then we move on. That way no is spending 10 minutes reading the report and then making a decision in 30 seconds after seeing it. If someone didn’t turn in a report, we skip them 🙂

    The other is people just staying on topic. Too many times do you hear “Well, that’s just like my uncle’s son’s dog’s third cousin who did _____” Most of the times it’s not “just like” and usually it’s nothing like it.

  2. I like sending out an agenda ahead of time. That way people are prepared for what is coming. I also like to send them the information I’m covering ahead of time, especially if it’s a training call. I don’t like being on a training call that has a powerpoint presentation(webex) and after the call they say “oh, we’ll send this out to everyone afer the call.” why don’t they send it ahead of time so you can take notes and get familiar with the material?

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