Do you got a case of the Mondays?

If you are in the ministry Mondays can be a tough day.  On Sunday there is usually so much going on from the worship service, Sunday School classes, to other ministries going on throughout the day and night.  When Monday rolls around that next morning it can be a challenge.   There is so much that needs done but you can still feel very drained from the day before.  To be honest I am not the most productive on Monday.  I know myself…I know I can’t tackle huge tasks on this day so I usually spend it reviewing what has been going on in the ministries, reading, reflecting, and visioning for the coming months.  It is not the day that I will use to plan the logistics of the big event coming up, organizing a big promotion for a study coming up, or making lots of phone calls and emails.  Today is different as I had my one on one meeting with my pastor, I am planning for our youth leader meeting for tonight, and I have 4 hours of driving I need to do in the middle of the day today.  How about you?  If you in ministry what do your Mondays look like?  Obviously some of you are full time in ministry, some bi-vocational, and some volunteers.



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2 responses to “Do you got a case of the Mondays?

  1. I relax on Mondays. Read, surf the web, day dream, sometimes write. Right now I am planning a membership class, but am only doing that today because it seemed like an enjoyable task. Sometimes I will get ahead of sermon prep… but only if I want to. I grant myself real freedom on Mondays.

    Monday is my favorite day of standard work week, because I place ZERO expectations upon it, which means everything I do exceeds my expectations for the day.

    • I am much like you I realize the less pressure I put on myself on Mondays usually the more productive the rest of the week is. When I put more pressure on a Monday I notice it usually equals a more stressful week.

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