Road Blocks

In the different ministries we serve in we will all come across road blocks in the path of our goals.  No matter if you are working with children, youth, or adults there will be those things that seem to keep popping up in your journey to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  I think some of these obstacles that we face can be the same and some might differ based on the denomination we serve in, the size of our church, the area our church is located in, the part of the country we live in, etc…

I have a lot of youth that are involved in our ministries that their parents are not connected to the life of our church or if they are they are not really involved.  This can make it hard for them to see the importance of being a servant and of not only being a disciple but being a disciple maker.  Another area which I think many people struggle with is families schedules.  There are so many opportunities these days and families are so busy that it makes it incredibly difficult to find ways to minister to them. When this happens it can be easy to demonize the schools for requiring the students to be at all those activities, or to think it is the church against school sports. However, we can also do what we can to equip those people to be disciples out in the community.  Does this mean that the current system is fine…no I don’t actually.  I think families many times are over stretched,  over committed, and are living on spiritual fumes.  There are many families that are going full blast from one activity to another and are not taking time to invest in their relationship with God or to encourage their children in their faith.  The hard part is I can’t change that for them and neither can you.  I continue to look for those opportunities to speak into people’s lives and pray that the Holy Spirit works in a mighty way through them.

What about you?  What are some roadblocks you are facing in ministry?  How are you dealing with them?


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