One Month To Live

This Sunday in our youth ministry we are kicking off a new series called “One Month to Live”.  I am excited to be able to challenge the teens to make the most out of their lives that God has given them and the next 3 weeks are going to be an awesome opportunity to do that.   As I prepare for the series this Sunday I was reminded of a conversation that my wife and I had recently where she asked me, “What are some things you want to do before you die?”  I don’t think she was plotting on me but maybe I should take out some life insurance just in case 🙂  Dying is one of those things that most of us think is so far away that it is a difficult concept to grasp even though scriptures tell us that we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

So as my wife Lindsey was driving the car and I was in the passenger seat I made a list.  Writing fast and looking deep in thought I shared my list with my wife which included riding a shark, backhanding a bear, eat a live turkey, box a kangaroo, drink a gallon of milk really fast and not throw up, surf naked, and never do another lock-in.   I couldn’t resist I love making my wife laugh but then as I thought seriously about this several things came to mind.  I want to become ordained, I want to graduate with my masters degree,  I would like to speak at a conference some day even in a small capacity, write a book, visit Italy, and see all 50 states.  Most of all if I had only one month to live I would want those around me to know about the Lord.  I would want them to know the saving grace we experience through Jesus Christ and the new life we can experience through him.  So what about you?  If you had one month to live what would you want to do?  What is stopping you?



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2 responses to “One Month To Live

  1. Spend as much time as I could with family and sharing the Gospel with as many people as possible. And eating Rocky Road Ice Cream.

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