New Journeys

I am sure this is one of about 2,539,789,243 blog posts, web articles, magazine articles that are about new things in the new year.  Most of them will be about things we want to begin doing or stop doing in the new year.  Many people will make resolutions to spend more time with the family, to get in shape, quit smoking, lose weight, get out of debt, get organized, or many other worthy causes.  Some will start out strong in this race as they go get a gym membership, buy healthier snacks, buy some nicorette patches, buy a calendar to organize some family activities, or sit down and make a budget.  Some will stick to their guns and this will be a life change while others will try it for a couple of weeks and give up.

I am not really big on New Years resolutions because in many ways it seems we try to make the mind submit to something that we have not surrendered in our heart and with our will.  One of the things that God has really been teaching me the last several months is the art of surrender.  To truly let myself decrease and let him live through me.  This process of sanctification where I am continually becoming more and more like Christ in my life.  For there to be true change in me I must surrender everything about me to the authority of Christ.

So as you begin to kick off this new year ask yourself have I surrendered my life to Christ?  Are you letting yourself be renewed each and every day?  Are you decreasing and letting Christ increase in your life?

Through our obedience in Christ I believe we will sense God’s leading like never before.  I have seen God moving in my life in such a clear way recently that honestly it has been scary.  Part of that for me is going back to school so I can get my Masters of Divinity degree.  This was not something I imagined doing but I have felt God’s hand so clear in this matter.  This is intimidating to me since it has been over 10 years now that I graduated with my bachelors degree in Youth Ministry.  The more I let go of my fears and clung to Christ the more I felt my fears fade away.  So today ask yourself where is God trying to lead you?  Are you listening?  Have your surrendered your life to his will for you?  Are you willing to begin that new journey?


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