Let’s be honest…

Let’s be honest….for myself asking for help is not easy.  When I persevere, work hard, and accomplish a big task I feel pretty good about myself.  Asking others for help is not a strong suit for me.  Through the years I have gotten better with this but it is still not a strength of mine.

Throughout the years I have heard about the importance of not working harder but working smarter.  One way for us to do this is to identify what our strengths are and continuing to grow in those areas.  We also need to identify what our weaknesses are and empower others to lead in these areas.  This may go against the advice of some who say it is important to work on those areas of weakness so they are not weak anymore.  While I can agree with this to some extent I truly believe our time is better spent growing in the areas we are strongest.

For myself personally I am strongest in the area of  Prophecy (declaring God’s truth boldly and publicly for the purpose of correction or instruction), Learning/knowledge (this is a God-given ability to gather, analyze, and share information appropriately with others, leading to greater understanding and insight), and Evangelism (the ability to effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to non-believers so they can respond and begin to grow in their faith).  However, I am weak in the areas of Exhortation (encouraging) and Mercy.  Does this mean that I should not work on being more encouraging or showing mercy?  Of course not!  I am aware that I am not strong in these areas so I keep my eyes open for opportunities to show mercy and be encouraging.   Is this where I spend most of my time and energy though? No, I spend most of my time on working on being a more effective communicator which aligns more with my gifts and abilities.

So as we get ready to go into this new year I want to encourage if you have not done so already take a spiritual gifts test and find out how you are gifted and then use those gifts!  Also identify in what areas you are weak and if you are leading a ministry find someone who is strong in those areas and empower them to lead!  When we do this we don’t just add to our ministries we multiply if we are willing to be honest with who we are and how we are gifted.

Where do you need to be honest with yourself today?


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  1. Lindsey

    What a great post!!! If we would like to take a spiritual gifts test, where would one find such a thing? And actually, you married someone who is strong in the area of encouragement and mercy, so while you don’t get a free pass to not work on those, I feel I compliment you in these areas, show you ways to work on them, ENCOURAGE you to work on them and show you MERCY if you don’t always get it right! 😉 lol And while I am weakest where you are strongest, you compliment me and help me where you are strongest. I love you!! And I love reading your blog!!!

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