Make a Difference

It is easy to think that for us to be able to make a difference we have to do something incredibly big.  We hear about people fighting poverty, slavery, hunger, providing water for those in need, raising money to fight diseases and we wonder how can I contribute?  Does what I do really make a difference?  We can get overwhelmed to the point where we just say “I give up!” because there are so many worthy causes around us that we don’t know where to begin.  As I was talking with one of my best friends Scott Casto today I was reminded of a very basic principle “Just Do Something!”

So today I encourage you if you feel swamped with so many different ways to serve that you are getting overwhelmed “Just Do Something!”  Look for a need to meet and do it.  Which brings me to the GI Joe picture in my post.  When I was younger and lived with my mother and brother we didn’t have a lot of money.  My brother and I were some of the kids that had their name put on a Christmas tree because we might not have received Christmas presents otherwise.   I still remember one Christmas an elderly couple got both mine and my brother’s name from the tree that year.  This couple did not know us at all, but they took us to the Christmas dinner at their church and they bought each of us a present.  My family was not involved in that church at all, nor did we know these people but out of the kindness of their hearts and their faith they reached out to us.  Even though it was back when I was in elementary school I still remember till this day that I got an orange GI Joe boat with a couple GI Joes.  It might have cost then $20 but it meant much more than that to me.  Those people could have said, “There are so many kids in need and I don’t know where to begin so I just won’t” but they didn’t.  They took a step of faith, did something, and it made a difference in my life.  So step out, do something, make a difference today!


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