Whatcha Talkin’ Bout?

For those younger folks who don’t know who this little kid in this video is or what he is talking about this is from a TV show called Different Strokes that began in the late 70’s and played through the mid 80’s.  Arnold Jackson (Gary Coleman) usually uttered this line “Whatcha’ Talkin’ Bout Willis” when his brother Willis shared something with him that he just could not believe.  It was Gary Coleman’s signature line on the show.  But what does this have to do with the church or your ministry?

I believe it is a good question to ask ourselves “Whatcha Talkin Bout?”  What is your church known for?  What is the message that you are sending?  Do people even know your church exists?  Unfortunately many times churches can be known more for the things they are against instead of the things we are for.  People can begin treating the church as an escape from the world instead of a refuge for the world.

If we are not careful we can easily become more like the pharisees where we tell people, “If you want to be a part of our church that’s great but here is the list of all the things you need to stop doing before you can come _______________, oh and you need to go buy some dress clothes as well.”  But we need to remember who Jesus spent his time with and how he told the pharisees that he came for the sick not those who already thought they were well.

Does this mean we water down the message of Christ?  No way!  But instead of us being the people who boycott everything, or push people away who need Christ may we once again be known as the people who have the Good News!   May we move away from being a people of condemnation to a people who hold to the truth of Jesus Christ that leads to freedom.

So when people ask you “Whatcha’ Talkin’ Bout?” we can share with them a message of hope, peace, and purpose only found through Christ.


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