Refuge vs. Escape

Are we seeking refuge or are we seeking escape?  This was a question that the Holy Spirit brought to my mind this morning as I reflected on Psalm 11.  When David asks, “I have taken refuge in the Lord.  How can you say to me, ‘Escape to the mountain like a bird!”  So the question is what do we do when times get tough?  When things are weighing down on you from all sides where do you turn?  Are you seeking refuge in God or are you trying to escape using other means?

This doesn’t have to be as intense as David’s situation in the psalm where his wicked enemies were overwhelming him almost to the point of death but we will encounter many struggles in our lives with family, finances, ministry, friends, and the list could go on and on.  What things are you dealing with right now?  In this time of trouble are you casting your care upon God or are you trying to escape on your own through worry, through drowning yourself in media, by isolating yourself from others, by pretending there are no problems, by keeping busy, or maybe by turning to alcohol or pornography?

We were never meant to live on our own.  We have a savior that is waiting for us to rely on him, to put our trust in his goodness and faithfulness.  He is already extending his hand to us in our time of need but will you reach yours out to him?


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