Lately I am being reminded about the importance of silence.  That action of taking time to be silent before God.  As a minister a lot of times I am expected to have answers.  People have spiritual questions and they want to be able to come to someone who might be able to help and many times I am that person.  Honestly I enjoy being able to guide people in their faith, to direct people to the truth in God’s word, and even at those times when I don’t know the answer just say, “I don’t know.”

Lately with everything going on with my mom I have stopped trying to come up with answers and I have just been silent before God and have tried to listen to the Holy Spirit.  For those of you who don’t know my mom has stage 4 cancer, has recently been taken off chemotherapy, and been given 2-3 months to live.

When we encounter a tough situation it can be easy to go to God with a lot of words, fire off a quick amen, and then be on our way….but are we listening to God and not just talking?  Lately I have felt like God has said to me, “Just be here…be present with me…don’t talk just listen.”  It is amazing even during this difficult time the peace God has given me in this situation.  Believe me it is not easy, I have rough moments, and I definitely have a lot of questions but in the midst of those things I know I have a loving God who deeply cares more than I will ever know.

So today I want to encourage to not always be busy doing but take time to be silent and listen to God.



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2 responses to “Silence

  1. Joanne Endricks

    Being silent and listening to God is sometimes the hardest thing to do, especially when going through a difficult time. Living in a world of instant gratification and wanting answers now not only makes you deaf but blind as well. Sometimes the only way to see and hear God is to lay at the foot of the cross and bare your soul. It is hard for me to express how alive and real God is when he calls me to spend time being silent so I can hear and feel His love. It is just something you have to experience. Enjoy your time of silence and be blessed.

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