What are you afraid of?

    I love roller coasters, the thrill of whipping around corners, doing some loops, flying down a giant hill but I really hate high unstable heights.  Put me on the Millennium Force Roller Coaster at Cedar Point no problem but have me stand on the edge of a really tall building and the cold sweats starting coming.  I remember my Sophomore year in college our soccer team played a game on Friday night and then we went whitewater rafting the next day in West Virginia.  About the midway point there was a giant rock that we were allowed to climb and jump off of into the water.  At the top of the rock it was a 40 foot drop till you hit the water.  They explained that if you went to the top you had to jump off there was no turning back.  So I went up to the top of the rock with most of my teammates but once I got up there I asked myself, “What were you thinking!? You hate high heights like this!”  So I took a look over the edge…which was not wise because I am pretty sure my heartrate was at 800 beats a minute after that.  However, I knew I had to do it, I had climbed this high and there was no turning back.  So I took a couple steps back and then took a leap off of the giant rock!  It was awesome and scary all at the same time!

Jumping off of the 40 foot tall rock however pales in comparison to what this guy in the video does all the time for his job as he climbs to the top of these transmission towers.  Just watching that video is frightening to me.  I love how at the one point he says it is time to stop to take a break and look around!  You got to be kidding me!  There is no way I would be looking around I would be so focused on holding onto the tower and closing my eyes to look around!

So why did I bring this up?  It is because many times we can let the fear of the unknown keep us from doing great things.  It is much easier to stick to the rhythms of life that we are use to.  We can cling to the plans in our lives that are tried and true, that we are comfortable with, and never experience the joy of stepping out in faith.

So my challenge to you today is step out in faith, be willing to take a risk, and walk in the path of the unknown.

What is one fear you have?

What is an area of your ministry that you need to take a step of faith in?



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2 responses to “What are you afraid of?

  1. Jana

    One of my fears is also high heights. I can stand on the observation deck of a skyscraper (the Empire State Building, to be exact) with no problem because my view straight down is blocked. Looking out over an area from a high height doesn’t scare me because the view is amazing. Hence why I love mountains. However, the CN Tower in Toronto has a glass window in the floor but I didn’t go on it out of fear it’ll crack and break. The clincher is that glass floor is perfectly safe, being fifty inches thick and more than able to carry my weight at the time. I avoided that part of the tower like the plague.

  2. I have never considered myself scared of heights, but my palms were literally cold and sweaty watching watching that.

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