Time is Short

    For those who know me well know that my mom has been struggling with stage 4 liver and colon cancer for over a year.  She has been taking chemo throughout this entire time.  She has been fighting hard and at one point the cancer significantly shrunk but it came back very strong once again.  Over the last couple of months my mother has been losing her hair, losing weight, and once again felt very weak.  She recently had not been feeling well for several days and went to go see the doctor.  The doctor has now officially taken her off of the Chemotherapy and has given my mom who just turned 58 years old just a couple of months to live.  I have been praying for my mom a lot over the past year that she would receive healing from this horrible disease that has taken a toll on her body physically.  As I talked on the phone with my mother I was at a loss as to what to say.  I listened to her, I let her know that I love her, that I care for her, that I am so sorry she has had to endure this, and agreed with her that Cancer sucks.  I am no longer praying for healing from this cancer but I am praying that God does not let her suffer more during this difficult time.

    I never thought I would be seeing my mother near the end of her life at the age of 58 and it is not easy to accept.  There are plenty of questions I have with no easy answers.  But this one thing I know is I have a loving gracious God, who cares more for my mother than I ever could.  One day she will be in Heaven and will no longer have to endure the pains of this life anymore.

    So today I encourage you to not waste the life you have.  Invest in those things that are lasting.  All the stuff we buy whether it be houses, cars, motorcycles, tvs, they will all fade away and ultimately we will not care about them.  What does matter is if we are loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and loving our neighbor as ourselves.  Don’t take the time you have on this planet for granted, time is short, live life to the fullest.



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2 responses to “Time is Short

  1. ann steiner

    Dave I have walked in your shoes with both of my parents’. It is a difficult road to travel, but rest assured that there is peace at the end of the journey. I would encourage to live these next few months with your mom without regrets. I want you to be able to look back on this time and not say, “Gee, I wish…” There are no “do overs,” so act on the promptings of the Holy Spirit nudging you to do whatever. I know you will be an awesome source of strength to your mom and your family. You are a Godly man and He will supply your every need. Godspeed to you…

  2. Thank you Ann for this encouragement during a difficult time. Lindsey and I are going out to Chicago the middle of next week and since we will be half way to my moms we are going to try to drive the rest of the way out there and spend some time with her.

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