If you were Satan…

A question we will be discussing tonight at our Young Adult Ministry that I want to ask you as well is….

If you were Satan and wanted to discourage and hurt the people in your church, what would you try to get each of them to believe about themselves? About the church?

I am sure imagining yourself as Satan is not high on your priority list of things to do for the day or one of the funnest but I think we could gain a lot from this question.  If Satan’s plan is to kill, steal, and destroy and if you were him what would you try to do to meet that goal?

Now take a look at your church, do you see any of those same exact things present?  What needs to happen to fight those lies and destruction?  What decisions need to be made?  What actions need to be taken?



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2 responses to “If you were Satan…

  1. If I were Satan I would constantly be trying to get people in touch with their heart and inner feelings. We are lead to sin by our OWN heart not external evil force, so I would just attempt to get people to chase their feelings and trust their heart.

    Honestly I think the forces of darkness have done a pretty good job at it. I think Satan is more busy trying to give people high self esteem, and believing positive lies about themselves, than giving them low self esteem, though he does push the depression route once people finally come to realize the positives about themselves were lies.

  2. Jay it is so funny you say this because we actually talked about these same very things in our young adult ministry. We talked about the danger of basing truth on our feelings instead of scripture.

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