The importance of being teachable

    I am pretty excited for next week as I will get to take my wife to the Catalyst One Day event in Chicago.  We will get the privilege of hearing from Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel where we will learn about creating a healthy organizational structure.  I have attended the longer event called Catalyst West in California the last 3 years and actually won free tickets for this Catalyst One Day event.  If you are wondering what is Catalyst One Day?  What goes on there I have included a promo video for the event.

    I think it is so easy to get our mind stuck on our current situation that we don’t dream and vision what it could be.  As ministers we are barely gone from our churches on Sunday morning so if we are not careful we can get stuck in a rut of only what we currently see and not what things could become.  I really enjoy talking with other ministers to find out what they are doing, what things they have learned, successes and failures they have experienced, and what we as Christians can do to come together.

    Going to conferences is a refreshing experience for me as I continue to learn and let God guide me and the ministries he has entrusted me with.  What conferences have you attended that you have gained the most from?  What did you take away from them?  How has God used those experiences to impact your life?



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2 responses to “The importance of being teachable

  1. I’ve never really gone to any conferences worth anything. At least not that I can remember. I’d like to go to a Catalyst Conference one day.

  2. I was pretty excited that I won the free one day tickets. My wife has never been to one of those kind of events and I get to go see one of my closest friends in Chicago as well. I am pretty excited for that next week as well since I have the week off for vacation.

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