Pump you up!

This past weekend we had our youth retreat and it was a blast!  We had one of my best friends Matt Richardson come speak to the youth, we played some crazy team competitions, ate some good food, hung out by the fireplace, flashlight tag and played a new game called Gaga ball….If you don’t know what that is I have included a clip from Youtube.  We played it a little different than this but this will give you an idea.

It actually began thundering, raining, and snowing while we were playing Gaga ball outside.  We had a wonderful weekend that I believe really helped many teens grow stronger in their faith.

We were all very tired but the end of the retreat and ready to go home.  It is always funny when you arrive back at the church because every year people seem surprised that you are tired and are not jumping for joy at what happened at the retreat.  You will be sweating, lugging in all the supplies from the weekend and people don’t understand many times why you don’t want to just sit and chat instead of go home and crash.  So in case you were one of the people who saw me sweating and lugging stuff into my office and the youth room and wondered, “Did they have a good time?  Dave and the other leaders look very tired and don’t have tons of energy.”  Please know we had a blast, it was an awesome weekend, but when we get back home we are all ready to go take a shower, lay on the couch, and fall asleep…no offense meant at all.

This brings me to the thought of what gives us energy?  We are all uniquely made and some things in the ministry will give us energy and some things will deplete our energy.  One of the things that gives me energy is reading.  It could be magazines, books, or blogs it doesn’t matter.  This really refuels me as it helps me to dream and have visions for the future of our church.  One of the things that drains me is trying to recruit people to join our ministries.  This is an area of weakness for me as many times I get drained when I am trying to find an adult leader for a girls small group and I get 20 No’s.  I am continuing to try to find ways to do a better job in this area or find people who are good at recruiting.

What about you?  What areas of ministry bring you energy and what areas drain you?



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4 responses to “Pump you up!

  1. Sounds awesome, Dave! But I’m a little disappointed you didn’t work in a visit from Hans and Franz! Glad you had such a blessed weekend.

  2. Oh I definitely should have worked something in there from Hanz and Franz!

  3. Preaching-exhortation give me energy. Event planning drains me terribly.

    • Matt what is odd with me is many people say I am really good at event planning but I am noticing that it does not fill me up. It is kind of weird when something you are good at does not equal replenishment.

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