Break Time!

    We all get to that point in the day where we need to break.  Maybe you have been working hard on putting stuff together for the children’s musical at your church, organizing studies for Sunday School, planning your next youth mission trip, or making phone calls to connect with some young adults in your ministry and now you need a breather.  I will take a couple minutes periodically through the day because some days are just long and filled with a lot to do and it is so important to take time to break up the monotony.  Today is a long 12 hour day for me as I prepare for the youth retreat this weekend, plan future studies, finish planning for our young adult ministry tonight, and work on materials for the candidacy process.  If I did not take breaks periodically I would go crazy.

   So regardless of what you are working on I wanted to include a video from Tyler Stanton, Tripp Crosby, and Chris Tomlin that is hilarious!  This video was played at the Catalyst Conference several years ago and it always makes me smile.  If you ever had a bowl cut or remember them growing up then you will definitely enjoy this video.  So take a couple minutes, kick back, and enjoy a couple laughs…then get back to work I don’t want anyone getting fired because I told them to watch funny videos.



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2 responses to “Break Time!

  1. Funny video! Chris Tomlin sure looked different!

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