This weekend we will be taking the youth from our church on our Fall Retreat.  The weekend will be filled with crazy games, nights by the camp fire, challenging messages, changed lives, and lots of laughs.  Retreats are definitely not an easy thing to plan but they have so many lasting rewards in teens lives.  I am pretty excited for this coming retreat because not only do I get to spend the weekend with some great teens, several awesome adults from my leadership team, but also two of my best friends are coming for the weekend as well.  I am excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of the teens as we encourage them to go deeper in their walk with God.

   Some of my favorite memories from my youth group days were from our winter retreats when we went to Snow Camp in Delevan, NY.  It not only has had an impact on my life but now it is having an impact on the teens lives that I work with as I take them there each winter.  To see the teens connect with one another, pray for one another, serve one another, have a fun time tubing, playing laser tag, and some crazy team competitions is an awesome experience.  Not to mention how I see the Godly leaders of this camp continually challenge the teens to become more like Christ each year is an amazing sight.

What has been your greatest retreat experience?  Was it something you were leading?  Was it something you were attending?  Tell us about it!



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4 responses to “Retreats!

  1. My favorite memories of being in youth group all center around retreats to either the beach or the mountains. Life-long friendships were formed, and the foundations of my faith were laid. Greta stuff, Dave- thanks for the reminder of some great moments!

  2. I didn’t go on many retreats back in the day. These days I have mini-daily retreats where I get away for 30-45 minutes and commune with God. So helpful and motivational.

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