It’s O.K. to laugh!

Yes my friends that is a giant pair of underpants I have on…This picture was taken last year at our Fall Encounter with our youth ministry.  We were getting ready to play a game where the teens had to have their entire team fit into their giant underwear and race against the other team around the building.  Some may say “Why do this?  What is the spiritual value in that?”  You are right no one had a mind-blowing vision from the book of Revelation after squeezing their team into the giant underwear….no one got saved by us racing around the building but some great things do happen when we let our guard down and act goofy.

This shows the teens and the adults it is O.K. to laugh at ourselves.  It shows the teens that the adult leaders in their group can kick back and have a good time.  Please understand my main focus as a Minister of Youth and Young Adults is train youth to be disciples and then for them to go out into the world and make disciples.  However, to see people take something as silly as a giant pair of underpants  and race around a building can make for an awesome bonding experience.

So my challenge for you is to let down your guard every now and then, have fun, be goofy, laugh at yourself, and don’t be surprised that when you do the awesome conversations and questions that happen because of it!



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2 responses to “It’s O.K. to laugh!

  1. oh, when I saw the picture I thought you were just celebrating the progress you had made with your diet and exercise. 😉

  2. I wish I need to lose 30 lbs…but that isn’t going to happen until I start exercising regularly and cut back on the fast food.

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