I believe that Satan tries to tell us many lies that will distract us or tear us away from the truth that God wants to share with us.  I think one of the lies I bought into early on in my ministry was I had to look bullet-proof, no struggles, and have all the answers.  I have no problem now saying I have struggles, I cry, I get overwhelmed, and I am ok saying I don’t know to a theological question.

I think I believed this was the best way to minister was to buy into this lie.  How could I actually answer a question about God, Jesus, or The Holy Spirit with I don’t know?  How could I share that I have doubts or confusion at times in my walk?  What if I told people I struggled with depression and anxiety would they still want me to be their minister?

However, when I really began looking at the people God worked through in the Bible it became crystal clear that it is in our weakness that He is strongest!  That these things I struggled with didn’t disqualify me from the ministry but actually made it possible for God to work through me in an even greater way!  I chose to stop believing the lie that I had to have all the answers and have no struggles and started believing the truth that God wanted to use me in a big way, to go into the world and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

What lies have you bought into in the past?



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8 responses to “Lies!

  1. Lindsey

    I think that the lies I struggle with is when Satan tries to tell me that a sin is no big deal and who cares everybody is doing it etc. and then I commit a sin Satan tries to tell me how worthless I am because I sinned and how could God love me if I’m such a sinner? With these lies, Satan tries to get us to feel completely alone and hopeless. Although its hard not to fall into his trap, I try to remember that Jesus has already paid the price of my sin and I’m never going to be perfect like Jesus. All I can do is try to be like him by reading his word and acting as Jesus would act. I am going to fail, but Jesus died for me even while I was a sinner.

  2. Thank you for sharing your faith and encouragement. Connie

  3. That God only helps those who help themselves. The truth is that God helps up precisely because we can’t help ourselves.

  4. That is a powerful truth Matt! It flies directly in the face of our societal mentality of “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” The truth is we are made to depend on God.

  5. David

    That it’s ok to do it if nobody else knows about it. The truth is that sins are much smaller when you shine the light on them.

    I read that the difference between a saint and a sinner is that saints know they’re sinners. Saints know their faults and weaknesses, and ask God to help them up out of them.

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