What are we sowing?


Imagine if you were hanging out with a farmer and he was planting watermelon seeds in the ground and then he looked at you and said, “I can’t wait till this corn starts growing!”  At the very minimum you would be confused, maybe you would check the seeds again to make sure you saw what he was planting.  You would probably look at the farmer and say, “Do you have corn planted in another field?” and if that farmer responded, “Nope I am planting these seeds here and I hope that they will grow lots of corn.”  At this point if you weren’t confused before you are now.  If you went on to explain to the farmer that he was planting watermelon seeds not corn and he said, “I know but I am hoping that one day it will turn into corn though.”  You would probably come to the conclusion that either this farmer doesn’t really understand that much about farming or maybe the farmer had been out in the sun too long and needed to get in the shade for awhile and have some sweet tea.  Why? Because we understand if you plant watermelon seeds you won’t get corn you will get watermelons!

The same is true with our spiritual lives.  As leaders in whatever capacity we are serving it is crucial for us to look at what we are sowing in our own lives.  In Galatians 6:7-8 it says, “Don’t be deceived: God is not mocked.  For whatever a man sows he will also reap, because the one who sows to his flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit.  Whether you are a volunteer leader or a full time paid staff member of a church it is easy to get so focused on investing in the lives of others that we forget about what we are investing in our lives. Lets take time today to see what we are sowing in our own lives.  Are we making the decisions as leaders to grow in our walk with God, to be obedient and follow the Spirit?  Or are we playing games in our faith?  Are there areas of our lives that we know we need to hand over to God?  Sin that is separating us from that right relationship that God wants to have with you?

If you are following the Spirit today then I want to encourage to keep moving forward!  Keep it up because you are going to reap some amazing things in your life!  If right now you feel distant from God take some time today to ask God “Is there sin in my life that is separating me from you?”  Make the choice today to follow the Spirit!





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2 responses to “What are we sowing?

  1. Joanne Endricks

    That is a very good question we should be asking in our own church. Sometimes I think we planted watermelon seeds and got corn. Neither are sweet. Just weird.
    We are all busy and do not seem to want to set our priorities were they should be. We need a revival.
    The dominant characteristic of this present church period is lukewarm, complacent, spiritually dead.
    We need to sow inside the church as much as outside the church.
    Revelation Chapter 3
    What do you learn from this message about lukewarm-ness and the cure for it?
    Rev. 3:19-20 The Lord’s love is express in the fact that He rebukes and disciplines with tenderness. (Those whom I love)
    He calls on the church to be zealous and repent.
    He is outside the professing church, politely knocking and inviting individuals to hear His voice and open the door so He can come in and eat with them and have fellowship with Him.
    What did I learn from all this? We need to listen and hear the voice the the Spirit.

  2. I definitely see what you are saying Joanne. I do think that many people are complacent in their faith today. I think many people look at their faith as just one more activity in their lives….almost like a checklist (Paid the bills, went to work, took the kids to soccer practice, went to church). I think people look at Church as something they go to primarily not something they are. I think people have been conditioned to think that the point of the gospel and going to worship with other believers is just to be a nice person and not commit any of the “Big” sins. What I have noticed is many/most that claim to be Christians don’t spend anytime with the Lord outside of that hour on Sunday morning. We will never see the Lord move in a powerful way amongst his people if they are not desiring to grow closer to the Lord throughout the week. People are spiritually starving themselves throughout the week and that is not the path we were meant to live. I think a lot of people have blocked out the Holy Spirit from their lives and pretty much trying to live the Christian life on their own power which is impossible.

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