Games Gone Bad

Why are you stealing me?

Probably one of the worst game ideas (at least with my current group although this would probably be highly contested by some) was “Steal the Bacon”.   This game was very fun but became painful very quick!  You might ask what is “Steal the Bacon”?   In simple terms you 1.  split into two teams 2. make sure each team has the same amount of people  3. Number everyone off…making sure there are #1’s on both sides, #2’s on both sides, #3’s on both sides, etc… 4.  You separate the teams to opposites sides of the playing fields  5.  You then put an object in the middle of the two teams (football, frisbee, or we used a truck inner-tube).  6.  You then call out a number like 6 then the person on each team that was number 6 runs to grab the bacon and bring it back to their side.

This sounds like a wonderful game (and truly could be) and you can actually see many youth ministries and children ministries having a great time playing this game because videos are posted on sites like Youtube.  However our group decided to add more steps in the game and that is when you try to physically crush your opponent to the ground without even going for the bacon.  You would have a 6’1 250 lb guy with no football pads on trying to smash their opponent to the ground when they weren’t looking instead of just grabbing the bacon.  This was one of those “sacred cow” games they had done for several years at their retreat and I dared not mess with it at first.  It was during the second year that I saw people getting hurt, limping off the field, crying, yelling, and I said enough was enough and cut the game short.  It was one of those times that I knew the game should have probably been cut even sooner but I didn’t want to labeled “the guy who ruined the retreat.”  Sometimes it is a wise move to not mess with “sacred cows” if it is not necessary but other times if it is in the best interest of the group make the move now!  Thankfully we didn’t end up with broken bones and honestly I don’t know how!

What is a game that you have used in your children, youth, or adult ministries that has went really bad?



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4 responses to “Games Gone Bad

  1. I’m not sure what we called it, but here’s the gist. Everyone has 20 pennies. A person at a time gets up and says something that they have never done. If the other people have done it, they have to put it in the bucket in the middle. The person with the most pennies at the end, wins. It got a litte “embarassing.” Very quickly.

  2. Lindsey

    When I was working at camp Michindoh as an outdoor educator for 5th and 6th grade campers, we had one night event where we did relays. We had some standard relays, “walk like your favorite animal,” “craziest walk,” “walking backwards,” etc. We had anywhere from 100 to 300 kids in a gym at one time so we had to try to go quick, but fun and creative so all could participate! Well I was in charge of calling out the different relays one night and I decided to try my dads age old game of “amoeba” which he claims is ‘fun for all ages”. For those of you who aren’t familiar, basically a group of 5-15 people stand in a circle with arms linked, but with backs facing inwards, then you try moving as a group and navigate through cones. Well, as you can imagine, trying to get 5th and 6th graders to work as team when there is a COMPETITION involved? Lets just say the injuries were THANKFULLY minimal and the health officer that night was none too pleased with me… When I said “go”, it was like a real live version of Darwins theory of evolution, the strong and fast were the only survivors and the slow and weak were strewn across the gym floor crying and injured… It was awes-…. awwful!!! Lesson learned, which was… important, I’m sure of it….

  3. Wait I thought Amoeba is the greatest game of all time I am confused?!

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