What would you say?

We have probably all been asked the question, “If you were stranded on an island what three things would you take with you?”  We name different items that might help get us off the island, a spouse, or a friend, maybe a good book, or something else along those lines.  Today I want to ask you just one question for you to reflect on, “If you could go back to when you first started serving in the ministry what one piece of advice would you give yourself?”  For the person who always asks to be able to have for one more item to bring along on the island or for a second piece of advice please understand this is hypothetical I don’t really have a DeLorean for you to ride back in time with Michael J. Fox  to tell yourself something important, also for the person stranded on the island don’t worry you are probably already dead…didn’t you ever watch LOST?

So what is that one piece of advice that you would give yourself? For myself it would be don’t find your identity in what you do (ministry position) but find it in whom you belong to (God).  In the beginning so much of myself was wrapped up in if I met a certain goal then God loved me more…now I might not have verbally said this but I could feel it.  If I bombed a talk, didn’t meet my goal of teens at a youth event, or didn’t get a certain amount of adults to be leaders then God was not proud of me anymore.  I would go back and remind myself that God loves me and the ups and downs of ministry will never change that (still have to remind myself this from time to time).  What about you?  What one piece of advice would you give yourself?



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10 responses to “What would you say?

  1. Mine is much like yours, Dave. It would be don’t let your situation or your circumstances define who you are. Be defined by your relationship with God. He is the only thing in life that is truly consistent.

    • It is so easy to forget this…to get wrapped up in what we do instead of whose we are. It is easy to beat ourselves up when things might not go as planned and think God looks down on us with a tsk…tsk…look and a finger wag of disappointment when that isn’t true at all.

  2. I would give myself the same advice I keep telling myself now; that it really doesn’t depend on me. God is active and working and if I’m available to His will, He will use me as He pleases for His glory. Would a painter tell a brush to paint and then sit back and wait for the brush to do all the work? The brush is just the mechanism that the artist uses to create art. If it isn’t given up totally to the purposes of the painter, it isn’t useful. But if it is, then the artist can use that to do great things, but not because of anything the brush really did.

    • I think what you have said Scott really emphasizes the almightiness of our God. That we are clay for Him to mold and make us into what He desires for our lives and for His will. This is definitely something important to hang onto to.

  3. Great question Dave.

    I wish somebody would have told me (and if they did I wish I would have listened) that I should not worry about getting myself or others immersed into doing great things for God until myself and others were fully immersed into what Christ has done FOR US.

    I wish I would have known that truly Christian endeavors always stem from gratitude and not obligation.

    • That is something I wondered as well…even if I could use the DeLorean and go back to the future 🙂 would I have listened? I don’t know sometimes it just seems like we need to learn things on our own unfortunately.

  4. Take risks. Take risks. Take risks.
    I wasted a lot of time always playing it safe. This has changed/is changing.

  5. Is it okay to put part of this on my personal website if perhaps I submit a reference point to this website?

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