Welcome to Tijuana!

Welcome to Tijuana!

One of the funniest things that ever happened to me in the ministry was back in 2003 when I took a small group of students on a leadership adventure in Tijuana, Mexico.  We had an awesome week with several other youth groups learning leadership principles and serving in the Tijuana community in the orphanage, at local homes, and at the city dump where many lived.  After this week of serving we had a day before we headed back to California for our flight back home to Ohio to check out the city life in Tijuana.

This is where the fun began as I remember we came to a street corner and many of the restaurants were on a second story so they had people down on the street trying to get people to come to their restaurant.  We had already ate so we had no interest in eating at one of the local establishments but this did not stop one restaurant promoter.  He first started off by saying, “Come to my restaurant!  Free Margaritas for the ladies!”  We politely declined and continued waiting to cross the street.  Then he says, “Come on, Free Margaritas for the ladies and free appetizers for you all.”  We went on to explain that we had already eaten and we were just not hungry.  He gets this determined yet mischievous look on his face and says, “Ok, free margaritas, free appetizers…” and then he looks at two of my Senior Guys that were getting ready to graduate (Reese and Adam)  and says, “and for you, for you I will give you my sister.”  Of course the two Senior guys look at me like, “Hey this sounds like a pretty good deal maybe we should check out the restaurant.”  However, I encourage them to keep moving forward while thanking the man for his gracious offer…..I am not sure his sister knows He is pawning her off for chimichangas  and enchiladas or at least I hope not.

So we cross over to the other side of the street to see a man with a camera and a donkey with colorful blanket covering the donkey.  He is trying to get kids and teens to come get their picture taken with the donkey.  He doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of customers so he says, “Come get your picture today because the donkey will be dead tomorrow.”  I am not sure the donkey had been filled in on all of these plans for tomorrows activities he might want to look over his contract.  Needless to say Tijuana was an awesome experience with some great youth.  It was definitely some of the funniest conversations I had in just a few minutes during a youth adventure.

What are some funny things you have experienced during your time in the ministry?



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2 responses to “Welcome to Tijuana!

  1. Good thing that wasn’t Balaam’s donkey or Donkey, from Shrek. They may have pestered you more than the restaurant owner because they’re stubborn… is this thing on? Ha ha, great story Dave! Funniest thing I’ve experienced was when I borrowed Jamey’s line about “pooping your spiritual diaper” and I lost the congregation for the next 10 minutes to laughing.

  2. That is awesome I forgot Jamey use to say that! That is hard to get people back if they start laughing like that. Gotta love Jamey’s illustrations!

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