Books Check Em’ Out

I couldn’t help but bust out the California Raisins 1991 commercial on books!  If you don’t know who the California Raisins are then please raise your hand, then slap your self with that hand, then go ask your parents who the California Raisins are.  I say all of that to say I love reading books but as I look back on the last several years a couple of books really stand out to me with how they have impacted my life…The first one would be “The Dummies Guide to World of Warcraft.” O.K. not really…here are 6 that stand out to me right away (In no particular order).

  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan
  • Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne
  • Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson
  • Radical by David Platt
  • The Gutter by Craig Gross
  • Probably a tie between two of Michael Yaconelli’s books Dangerous Wonder and Messy Spirituality
I know….I know that is technically 7 but I promise you everything will be alright.  Little gnomes will not begin crawling out of the cupboards, under the bed and pummel you with Qtips because you don’t stick to the 6 book format.  Qtips?  How would lots of little gnomes hitting you with Qtips hurt you ask?  Excuse me, have you ever been surrounded by an army of Qtip armed gnomes before?  I didn’t think so.  I digress what are some books that have impacted your life in a powerful way?


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11 responses to “Books Check Em’ Out

  1. Radical, Crazy Love, and The Saving Life of Christ have all recently been favorites. Reading Dave Ramsey’s “EntreLeader” right now and it’s great! By the way, you’ll be hearing from my copyright lawyer regarding your title (Exhibit A I wish a gnome WOULD try to take me down with Qtips!!

  2. Hahaha! That’s funny I forgot you had that post title. I still have to read that Sticky Church book you recommended as well. I have not read “Entreleader” either so I will to check that out 🙂 The gnomes are very organized beware!

  3. Trevor Bryant

    Radical, Crazy Love, and Irresistible Revolution are all phenomenal books. Been meaning to read more books by each of the three authors (Erasing Hell, Forgotten God, Follow me to Freedom, Jesus for President, Radical) but ofcourse, college has left me with plenty of (valuable) reading.

    • I have read Erasing Hell and Forgotten God both good thought provoking books. Chapter 3 in Erasing Hell was a tough chapter for me to wrap my mind around and not totally sure I agree but definitely quality stuff to look into. I know what that is like with college Trevor you get bombarded with reading….and many times with reading that you might not choose to do otherwise.

  4. I was neither a fan of Crazy Love or Radical, you can read my reviews and if you are interested in what I thought.

    I highly recommend to any of your readers who want to talk books, it is a great venue for that.

    As far as my favorite recent books:
    The Great Divorce – CS Lewis
    Bondage of the Will – Martin Luther
    Orthodoxy – Chesterton
    To Kill a Mocking Bird – Harper Lee
    Preface to Romans – Martin Luther
    The Weight of Glory – Lewis *Awesome

    And that’s actually six… throw in “Of Mice and Men” if I need seven.

    • I have read your reviews of those two books…I joined goodreads but have not done the best job writing reviews on the books I have read. I read The Great Divorce recently as well and really liked it alot. I think it is probably my favorite CS Lewis book I have read….although I have only read a handful.

      • I like Great Divorce too, but really enjoy Mere Christianity, even more so every time I re-read it. Great book to take newer Christians through, I think.

  5. Crazy Love absolutely rocked me. In a good way. I read it at just the right time for me–it shook me out of complacency.

    • I know exactly what you are saying. It was the second time I read it that it really hit home with me. It is such a powerful book.

    • I know that I commented above about not really liking Crazy love, or Radical all that much, and being as other commenters here have expressed how much they like it, I thought I might qualify it a bit.

      Crazy Love is good, in the same way a defibrillator is good. Crazy Love is great for shocking out of complacency like ‘seekingpastor’ said. It does serve that purpose well.

      At the same time, a defibrillator is not good for common use, and if we are in constant need of a defibrillator we have deeper problems that need addressed. The reason books like Radical and Crazy love bug me, is that there seems to me to an addiction to teaching that jolts us. Every time we stagnate we run to something that will shock us, but the shock serves only a temporary fix, and continual exposure to it actually does damage.

      Books like Crazy Love serve as a great jolt, but continual usage leads us to despair, leaving us in a place where we are constantly examining ourselves to see if we are ‘Radical’ enough, or doing as much as we should. They do not lead us to take a deep breath and rest in the reality that Christ has accomplished a great work for us.


      • I definitely follow what you are saying Jay. That is some really good stuff to chew on because I can see how the shock can almost become like an addiction. I guess what I enjoy about those books is where that jolt leads you afterwards. After that jolt taking a look at what does this mean for my life, in my situation, and are there things that need to be different. The challenge it offers in that it makes me look at myself and see if there are areas in my life that I need to surrender. I do think we can like you said get kind of wrapped up in what we can do and forget what Christ has already done.

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