Am I eager to hear?

As I sit in the Chicago O’Hare Airport awaiting my flight to the Catalyst West conference in California I am pretty excited. I am excited not just because I just enjoyed some deep dish Chicago pizza but tomorrow I will be going to the pre-conference labs as I get to learn from many people I admire who make me laugh loudly and think deeply like Mark Batterson, David Platt, Jon Acuff, Anne Jackson, and many others. I have been anticipating this for a long time because the Catalyst conference is a powerful conference for young leaders. It has amazing times of worship as we lift up our Lord in praise, along with hilarious videos by Tyler Stanton and Tripp Crosby, and challenging messages by ministers like Andy Stanley.
This is a great opportunity for me to not be in charge of anything like I usually am but I can soak up all that God has to say to me. However, I feel like God has asked me a question. I felt like he has said, “Are you as excited to hear from me as you are from these speakers?”. You might be saying well hopefully God will speak to you through those speakers so isn’t that enough? I do believe that these Godly men and women will be used in powerful ways this weekend and I am excited to learn so much but I feel like it is a fair question. I want my desire to be for God more than anything else in my life. I want my love for God to be so great that everything else falls in comparison. How about you? Is there something today that you are looking forward to more than God? Is there a new game? A new car? A tv show? A relationship that you are longing for more than God? May we surrender those to God today and may our love for him grow endlessly!



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2 responses to “Am I eager to hear?

  1. i pray your experience @ catalyst is nothing short of sacred and inspiring!

  2. Hey Anne thanks for reading my blog! This was just a fast rambling post I shot out from my Blackberry as I was sitting in the airport waiting to fly out. God has already spoken so much to me and I thank you for your faithfulness in sharing at the labs. The post right before this (Is life pouring down on you?) was partially inspired from reading “Permission to Speak Freely”. I pray that you continue to find God’s love and grace in sunny So Cal!

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