What the church should be about…


I think a good honest question we should ask ourselves is what should the church be about?  I believe it is healthy to stop and ask ourselves what was Jesus about?  What was the early church about? What should we be about?  This is not always easy in our fast past churches nowadays.  As Christians our planners can be filled by numerous church meetings, programs, concerts, potlucks, services, events, and much more that we don’t even stop to ask ourselves is this what should be going on?  These are not overtly bad things so many times we just keep plugging away and filling up more and more of our time with them without asking is this how things should be?

If we have been a Christian for a couple of years it is easy to look at our upcoming schedule and see….

Sunday: Church on Sunday morning and Sunday night

Monday night: Church meetings to plan upcoming special events

Tuesday night: Church basketball league

Wednesday night:  Church services or Bible Studies

Thursday night: Game night with other Christians at the church

Friday night:  Go see a movie with Christian friends from the church

Saturday night: Stay at home with the family

We may begin to see ourselves full force in the church bubble and no longer having contact with the outside world!  If we are not careful we begin to see that we don’t really even know anyone who is not a Christian anymore.  We as the church were never meant to just be here to entertain ourselves and hide out in the church building.   Unfortunately this  is a recurring trend in youth and adults in churches across our country.  I have the unique privilege of working with youth and adults and can see the bubble happening in both groups of people.  Even though the above schedule coincides more with an adult I see youth falling into the same trap where they will hop around to multiple youth groups at multiple churches all in the same week cramming their schedules with more and more “Christian” activities.  So I ask is this what we the church should be about?

One of my favorite quotes is from George Macleod and I want to share it with you because I believe it sheds light on this topic…

“I simply argue that the cross be raised again
at the center of the market place
as well as on the steeple of the church,
I am recovering the claim that
Jesus was not crucified in a cathedral
between two candles:
But on a cross between two thieves;
on a town garbage heap;
At a crossroad of politics so cosmopolitan
that they had to write His title
in Hebrew and in Latin and in Greek…
And at the kind of place where cynics talk smut, and thieves curse and soldiers gamble.
Because that is where He died,
and that is what He died about.
And that is where Christ’s men out to be,
and what Church people out to be about.”
George MacLeod

My friends this is what we the church are to be about!  We have been given a mission to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations! (Matthew 28:19)  May we remember what Jesus was about, who he was, who he spent time with, and because of this where we as the church ought to be and what we should be about.


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