When things don’t turn out how you thought…


"Please go out of bounds!"

Just a week ago I finally had the opportunity to go to a New York Giants football game as they defeated the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field in Detroit, MI.  It had been a lifetime dream of mine to be able to see the Giants play and I got to sit on the 4th row!  I can’t explain the joy I felt standing and cheering on the team I have rooted for since I was in second grade.  The temperature was in the single digits as I waited outside to be let into the stadium to watch my first game.  As I got my seat it was incredible to watch the teams warm up and go through their pre-game drills.  I was slightly nervous at the beginning of the game as Eli Manning threw a couple of interceptions but I had faith that the Giants could pull it out.  Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs both ran for over 100 yards and the Vikings previously had only allowed 4 others to go over 100 yards since 2006!  The Giants won 21-3!

This week the Giants played the Eagles one of their biggest rivals and at half time it looked like the Giants had the game pretty well in hand as they lead 24-3.  However the Eagles came soaring back.  The Giants were still up until Michael Vick hit Jeremy Maclin with 1:16 left in the game to tie the game up at 31.  So the Giants got the ball back but couldn’t do anything with it.  With 14 seconds left in the game all the Giants had to do was have rookie punter Matt Dodge kick the ball out-of-bounds so they could go to overtime…..anything but punt the ball to DeSean Jackson.  The punt was a line drive right to Jackson who ran it into the end zone with 0:00 left on the clock.  The Eagles scored 4 touchdowns in the final 7:28 to win the game.  For once I was glad I live in Ohio and I don’t always get to watch the game because I might have had a heart attack after that punt return.

Now I am not here to try to give you a commentator breakdown of the game but for us to picture the situation.  Matt Dodge is a rookie and I am sure before the play he probably thought, “No big deal just punt the ball out-of-bounds and go to overtime.”  Then the snap came and things fell apart he didn’t think he could kick it out-of-bounds and he did the last thing the coach wanted to happen…he punted the ball to DeSean Jackson who ran it back for the game winner.

Now most of can’t relate to that exact situation we are not a professional football player and our job is not to kick a football but we can relate to things not happening how we planned.  Things may seem to be going smoothly for us, no troubles, and then all of sudden the snap is fumbled and things are going down a path we never imagined.  Maybe you find out you will be getting laid off, a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness,  the car breaks down, a fire destroys your house, your marriage is falling apart, and the list could go on.  Most of these situations are not quick fixes and will take alot of time to get through.  We can’t just say, “Fake it till you make it”  (by the way that phrase always makes me want to throw up…please don’t fake it)  but we need to surround ourselves with those who love and care for us and remember that God still loves you in the midst of your troubles.  As Christians we have a tendency to want to put a neat little bow answer on every question that comes our way but sometimes the most honest answer is….”I don’t know”.  So if you are dealing with some rocky roads right now know that even though it is still tough, and the answer to some of your questions might just be “I don’t know” remember God loves you!  So don’t live in the past, live in today, grab that ball and punt it!


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