Deep life questions of Dr. Pepper

To be honest I hate coffee…I know right now you are saying hate? That is pretty harsh how could you hate having a Caramel Mocha Soy Latte? Sorry folks I just do however I get my “fix” from another source Dr. Pepper. I love that stuff…I know our bodies are 60 % water but I am pretty sure mine is at least 40% water and 20% Dr. Pepper. So why all this stuff about Dr. Pepper? Well on the can and on the commercials it says Dr. Pepper has an “authentic blend of 23 flavors” I gotta be honest with you I love the taste but I can’t distinguish the 23 flavors. They don’t put the “flavors” on the can so I am not sure what all goes into a can of Dr. Pepper. I look at the end result, I drink it, and I like the taste. I can look at the back of the can and see that it has corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid….acid that doesn’t sound good…anyways it is good regardless if I don’t understand everything that goes into making it.

This makes me think of people…how Dr. Pepper makes me think of people I am unsure but stay with me. There is a lot that goes into a person but it is so easy judge them by what we see right away. It is easy for people to be cast off, rejected, ridiculed all with one quick glance and one sharp word. The truth is many times we don’t see all the “flavors” that go into making up who they are or what there life is like. God does see all the “flavors” that go into making that person and he loves them. Remember that in Romans 5:8 it says, “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Don’t ever forget that no matter how long you have been a Christian you are still in need of God’s grace and forgiveness and don’t forget to share that with those around you….oh and go have a Dr. Pepper they are good.


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3 responses to “Deep life questions of Dr. Pepper

  1. Love it…. Good insights bro.

  2. Joanne Endricks

    Very good insight.
    I call these wonderful people “God at work, behind the scenes servants”. They don’t need to be noticed. They just want It to be well with their souls. Serve and bless God and He will bless them.

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