A Challenge…

For those who know me I read pretty fast, I absorb the material, and I write notes all over the pages to remind myself of things to remember or stories I liked. I really enjoy reading. Recently I wanted to do something to spark that passion for God in my everyday life and God challenged me to read through the entire Bible by the end of December 2010. Something I have been praying for more and more is that I will see things through the eyes of God…that I will love the things he loves and my heart will break for the things that break his heart. I felt like God asked me, “Dave do you love me? Do you love my word?”….It is easy to fire off answer back like when Jesus asked Peter do you love me and say of course I do. However, if that is true it would impact my life in such a way that people would see Christ in my life in such a bright way that it would be blinding! The desire of my heart is to not just be a “nice Christian man” I want God to revolutionize the way I think and act! I want to be transformed to the likeness of Christ. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you’re saying.” So my question for myself and for you is who am I? Who are you? God’s challenge to me was to be willing to read through the entire Bible by the end of the year but not just read through it but be willing to look at the scriptures in a new way and see things the way I would have if I was in those events and those people’s lives. What might God be challenging you to do?


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  1. Well said bro…. Very true – when we read, it should be changing us. Awesome and a great word.

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