Face to Face

In the book “Wide Awake” it is talking about our dreams…what is in our way of accomplishing our dreams. It says, “What must you face? What fears haunt you? What failures have marked you? What darkness has consumed you and stolen from you, robbed from you, sucked out of your soul the dream God created you to flesh out? Maybe there’s a dream buried deep inside your soul, and God is waiting to reconstruct it, to put all the bones back together. He is waiting to put muscle and sinew on it and wrap skin around it.”
As I read these words I began to look at the things that God has laid on my heart. I feel as though I am still in search of God’s big dream in my life. I am continuing to search after him and his desire for my life but I am not sure what his dream entails for my life. It is an odd feeling because I feel the passions and desires turning in my life and in my heart but I am not sure exactly what it looks like. It is like the dream is on the tip of my tongue but I just don’t have the words to explain it. For a long time I just kind of went through the motions of Christianity of go to church, pray, read my Bible, rinse and repeat….just joking. But since early on in my faith I have felt God destined me to have a big dream and live it out in my life. I have never been content with just living an ordinary life. I think for awhile I got caught in the “system” of Christianity. I had been more concerned about not upsetting the status quo, keeping people happy, avoiding risk, and not feeling rejected. Don’t get me wrong I loved God but at times I cared more about making others happy and not failing than living out my God given dream. I am beginning to take daily steps towards what I need to do and I am beginning to accept the fact that if I am going to pursue my dreams at times people will get mad at me, at times my dream will not make sense to other people, that at times I will need to risk things that are out of my hands, and their will be times that I fail. So what or who are you letting steal your dream? What is the dream that is buried deep in your soul? Are you willing to risk being unpopular with others including Christians if that means you are following the dreams God has placed on your heart?



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2 responses to “Face to Face

  1. I wonder at the language used here, specificly in the saying “God has a dream for you.” I understand that it’s the author’s language, but it seems to attempt to bring God down – humanize him. If God creates us with a purpose in mind, is that a dream? A dream is something we have little conscious control over so it would seem we are insinuating, if even a little, that God just has well wishes and dreams for our lives. In reality, He creates us with a purpose in mind. If you create a baseball bat like the guy in the Natural, you don’t just dream that it is used in a baseball game. If it happens to be used to hold up a window you would be upset and disappointed because it has a purpose in its design. God did create us with a purpose in mind and He doesn’t sit back and just wish that we would do it, He pursues us (“the hound of heaven”) and reaches out to us so that we can do what we were created to do, for HIS purposes; not our self-centered, self-promoting dreams for our life. God’s plan is for humanity, not just our narcissistic view of our self-focussed, self-concerned world. I doubt you would disagree and don’t want you to think I am attacking what you said, I just think the author’s points allow for things outside of Biblical parameters.

  2. I believe what it is trying to get at that God has a purpose for our lives…a dream that he wants to see happen. I do believe God has a dream or purpose that God has for our lives and I don’t think this some how brings God down to our level. It is God’s dream. The thing that he has a put a deep desire and passion in our heart to accomplish and pursue. I think it might be easy to confuse fantasies and dreams. I can dream that I live in lollipop land with clothes made out of gum drops but that is not reality or a dream more of a fantasy. I totally agree with your analogy of the Natural. With the dream and purpose that God has for our lives we can not just sit around and hope that it happens. That is kind of like holding a shovel and just hoping it digs a hole in the ground…we must dig. I do agree that God pursues us with his dream but ultimately we must make the decision to pursue it. God has a great plan for our lives (Jer. 29:11) but we must be obedient to follow through on that. God has great plans for us but many times people are too afraid of risk, or rejection, or loss of comfort to pursue the dream that God has laid on our hearts. It should also be noted that God will not bless dreams that are just selfish or self-centered these are not from God. I think we must not confuse our dreams of slumber with the dreams of God they are two very different things. I can dream that I will be the next american idol but that is not what I was created for. So I think it is important to keep in mind that the writer is talking about God’s dreams for our lives…his greater purpose that he wants to see happen but we must choose to be obedient.

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