Are we willing?

A quote from the book Wide Awake says, “Sometimes the life God dreams for us takes a lifetime to come to pass. Great lives that are born out of great dreams often come through great sacrifice and great suffering.”
That first part struck me that sometimes the life God dreams for us takes a lifetime to come to pass…In our world many times we are so caught up with needing everything right now…right this minute. It is the downfall of our instant gratification society. Many times if we can’t have what we want right now then we give up and move on. How can you make moves towards the dreams God has for your life right now? The quote says, “Great lives that are born out of great dreams often come through great sacrifice and great suffering.” The hard news is that if we are going to live out our great dreams we many times will have to go through much suffering…are we willing to do that? Are we willing to endure ridicule from friends or family that tell us, “your dream is too risky!” “But you will have to switch jobs…what will you do for money?” “You might have to move away what about us?” Many times it is not from our enemies that we let our dreams be relinquished but from people we know and care for. Now don’t get me wrong these people are not trying to hurt you but when you shake up things up…when you move past the comfortable you begin to shake up others views of their own lives. It is much easier to avoid the sacrifice and the suffering and just endure the everyday grind. You know the drill….
1. Wake Up
2. Get ready for work/school
3. Eat Breakfast
4. Go to work/school/eat lunch
5. Eat Supper
6. Do homework/help kids with homework
7. Do errands around the house
8. Watch a little T.V.
9. Go to bed

So my question is are you doing what you dreamed of doing? Are you living out that big dream that God has given you? Maybe you are doing exactly what God wants you to do. Maybe you are living out the dream that God has placed in your heart and if you are keep living the dream! Let God continue to do miraculous things through you! But, if you are not what is holding you back? If you are willing to push past the adversity, the trials, the valleys, God has great things in store for you….when you read that what did you think? Did you believe it? So many times we hear the verse in the Bible Jeremiah 29:11 that God has got a plan for us and a plan for good…but do we believe it? We read the verse that God wants to give us life to the full but do we live like it? Are you ready to live alive? The good news is God has a great life for you…but to get it you have to be willing to pursue that great dream are you up to it?


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